My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

January 2, 2016

First Day

Yesterday started off good.  I found the Lanarte kit I want to stitch and started working on it.  I have the fabric hemmed and half of the colors sorted and on the card.  I started reading Hiss of Death by Rita Mae Brown.  I did a little yoga and walked to work after charging the Fitbit.  It was bitter cold but clear. From there it went downhill.

It seemed like we had a line out the door all day.  And I literally mean out the door.  People will stand there with the doors open rather than bending the line around inside.  Both of us were sick with colds so the cold air did not help. After work we went to Walgreens to get something for my cold and as I walked out of the store the bells were ringing from the church next door and a few snowflakes were falling.  It was pretty and calming after a hectic day. 

Mike made tteokguk, soup made with brisket and sliced rice cakes, that is served for New Year's in Korea.  It was so good I had two bowls.   I went to put some Halloween items in my closet and found the bead kits I was thinking about.  I am so happy I won't have to dig for them.  After that I watched a little tv and went to bed early. 

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