My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

December 31, 2015

New Year

I'm thinking of reviving my blog here for the new year.  I need to find something to record my progress on things so I see results and think about something other than work and how much I have not accomplished.  Work is about to go from crazy with too many hours to dead and not enough hours.  I have a cold from sitting near the doors with their cold draft and all the coughing customers. 

Things I want to track:
home diy projects
new cooking
what I'm watching

It was warmer today and the snow and ice are melting.

I have not been stitching.  I pushed to finish an ornament for 2015.  I am not sure what to start for the new year.

I am gluing sequins on a calendar banner by Bucilla.  I am not happy with it.  The "felt" is thin like interfacing and did not iron well.  I was afraid of melting it.  There is no legend to tell what color goes where and I am guessing on some.  I got a free shipping code from Herrschners so I ordered 2017 banner calendars and as I browsed I saw beads.  Someplace I have some bead kits I want to do.  I have no idea where I put them though.

I am reading Who Killed My Daughter by Lois Duncan.  This past week I rushed to read two more books to fill my Goodreads goal of 50 books for 2015.  Later I found that it had not counted two I read earlier so I ended up with 52.  I did not need to rush that last book after all. 

For dinner we had this:  It was good. I used  breasts instead of thighs and served it with broccoli.

I am tired of the Mythbusters marathon.  I am currently watching a Kdrama called Oh No My Mother-In_Law is My Neice Now which is pretty good.  It will be nice to finish up Project Runway Junior which was not on over the holidays.

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