My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

January 4, 2016

Past Two Days

Yesterday I was sick.  I even called out from work which I hate to do.  Luckily I heard from a manager that they were fine without me.  Hopefully it will not be crazy today.  It's cold today and I see a few random snowflakes.  Last time I checked we were supposed to have two cold days and then it will warm up a bit on Wednesday. 

On Saturday morning the bird in the photo above visited our front deck.  I saw a shape out of the corner of my eye and thought it was a delivery person at first. 

Well our tree is put away and I need to start some serious house cleaning.  Things have been neglected while I worked extra shifts and Will helped to keep the basics of dishes and laundry caught up,  

I am getting close to finishing Who Killed My Daughter.  It drags a bit as they go through all the psychic readings.  I finished gluing all the sequins on my calendar and will be able to assemble it after work today.  I sorted all the thread for my Lanarte kit and now I am ready to start stitching. 

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