My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

August 7, 2012

Not Very Scary

I have two stitching areas in my house, upstairs and downstairs.  Downstairs I have been working on Mad Bluebird.  I was so excited after finishing Frederick the Literate that I decided to rescue another UFO and the bluebird won.  I've actually stitched a lot more than the photo shows but I will save that picture for next time.  This has been in the UFO pile for years and I had to soak a big stain out before I went to work.

Upstairs I am working on two mystery projects, the Passione Ricamo fairy and Very Scary from Lizzie Kate.

Bella "helped" me pick one of the Silkweaver fabrics to use for Very Scary.  Although I fell in love with the design I have not stitched much of it.  For some reason I have not found my groove working on this one.  It may be the weather, numerous sinus headaches or the fact that I am stitching it from the top down when I normally like to stitch from the bottom up. 
I'm not sure about the border so I have left it off for now.  I may like it better when I see the whole thing stitched.  I took this photo with my phone and it looks pink.  The fabric is actually a grey called Rock Quarry.

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