My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Since I have to work tomorrow we are celebrating today while we are all at home together.

The turkey was just put in the oven and now I am going to curl up on the couch and read Twilight. I broke down and bought a copy at Sam's Club this morning when we went to get a pie for dinner because something has jinxed my being able to see the movie.

I'm not kidding I am jinxed! First I was supposed to see it on Thursday before it was officially released thanks to my projectionist friend. They put the movies together and run them off early to check them. Problem was the films got to his theater on Wednesday, his day off, and someone else took care of them. I wasn't upset because I can still see it with everyone else.

DH and I could have gone to see it on Saturday but we were tired and changed our minds. Lucky thing we did because the movie theater we would have gone to had a fire alarm and they had to evacuate the building.

Last night I finally went by myself after work. Right as Bella is bleeding and dying and Edward and his father are trying to save her someone in the audience had a seizure and stopped breathing so they had to stop the movie which was really scary. Even though the person responded to first aid and seemed ok they still had to wait for an ambulance and fill out reports so it was going to be a while before they could start the movie again. I was dead tired so I decided to come home and catch the ending another time. I felt bad for the person because they were upset and embarrassed about ruining the movie to everyone. In the meantime I have decided to read the book on the recommendation of a co-worker who likes the book better than the movie.


Spanish Princess said...

Greetings! It has been so long! When I redesigned my page a year or so go, I lost a lot of blog addresses, but when I was looking for information on some of my teacups, I found the info on the one you stitched for me in an exchange and was excited to have your address. I'll be sure to stop by again and add you to the list on my new blog, as well as my military life one.

Lucy said...

I'm on the second book. Haven't seen the movie yet. I really liked the book.