My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

November 30, 2008

Birds, Work, Christmas Decorations and Vampires

I have finished all the main stitching and the birds are hanging in my bathroom drying! Usually I wouldn't wash something at this point but it was so dirty that I decided it would be best to wash it before adding the beads. Tonight I can begin all the backstitching and beading. I set a goal of finishing this by next weekend and I'm right on target at this point. I'll take a picture and post it before I start.

Thanksgiving was nice and the calm before the storm at work. We pulled out all the Christmas stuff and I've started decorating but I haven't done much. I've wrapped most of the gifts, put up lights and assembled the tree. I have been so tired from work so I'm taking things slow. I won't talk about my work specifically but think of it this way. It is normally not too busy. The regular customers are usually older, well spoken, well read and educated. While a few can be snobs they generally know how to act in public. Now the holidays come and you have a lot of customers who don't care how they behave. They are loud (screaming), rude, shoplift, messy and bring children to places where it is not appropriate or the kids are just bored. Not only am I tired from the extra customers I am tired of cleaning up after them, keeping things from getting stolen and asking people to behave that should know better. I don't work in retail and I can only imagine how much worse it is for someone who does. It doesn't help that we are worried about what will happen to our jobs after the holidays. Last night I came home too exhausted to decorate the tree. Maybe tonight I can get started.

I finished reading Twilight and enjoyed it. I had avoided reading it because the description someone gave me sounded incredibly boring. I was happy that the book didn't seem anything like their description. I want New Moon for Christmas.

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Lucy said...

I don't know how those who work in retail do it!! Keep your cool and you can get through it!