My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

November 22, 2008

Friday Stitch-a-thon and a Nativity Sampler

Last night I finished the blue bird and half of the greenery he's sitting on. Now there's just one bird and more greenery left. I'm starting to get excited about finishing this one. I tried to find out how long it's been a UFO but the oldest mention of it I have from blogging is a UFO list from December 2004.

Yesterday I bought a copy of the UK Cross Stitcher Issue 206 and it has this beautiful nativity sampler in it by Gail Bussi. It's going on my "to be stitched someday" list.


Shelleen said...

great progress on the birds.

Shannon said...

the birds look great and I am so in love with that sampler. It is so beautiful; can't wait to see it stitched up.