My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

October 16, 2008

Rail Trail Walk

Yesterday I had great ambitions to do some finishing and present you with photos of finished Halloween ornies but it didn't happen. Maybe after work today I'll get started. I ironed them this morning along with two exchange pieces I need to finish and mail soon.

On Tuesday after a somewhat stressful day at work I let our dog out and found the neighbor's dog running loose without supervision yet again. These are the same neighbors whose cat was just killed. Mike and I coaxed him back to his own yard and hoped he would stay out of the street. Later that night the neighborhood skunk was in our parking space on the street eating trash or other neighbors left out. I had just called DH who was about to start home from work to give him a heads up when I hear a car speed up intentionally and hit the skunk.

By Wednesday morning I was in a mood to get away from home and the neighborhood (which includes my workplace) for a while. Mike had mentioned that he felt good walking home from my workplace the day before so I decided we both needed to get outside and so some more walking. After dropping my DH off at work yesterday afternoon we headed to the nearby bike and walking trail.

All these pine trees smell heavenly!

There were lots of chipmonks chirping at us. This one has a nest near the path and kept darting out to see us.

A view from the bridge of the water and fall leaves.

Sunlight reflecting off the water through the trees.

We visited a geocache in the area and exchanged some movie pins for this lobster. Mike had evil plans for it after looking through the Halloween costume circular we got in the mail from Target.

Nikki, Mama Gus and Gwynny subjected to the humiliation of wearing the lobster hat.

A day walking in the woods was just what we needed. I definitely believe in the studies that say lack of sunlight leads to mild depression. Mike has been spending a lot of time in the house and I work all day in a dimly lit place. We've made plans for more visits to the area to explore more trails and find a couple more geocaches while the weather is still nice.


Anonymous said...

I would love to walk in the woods near my home but don't have any here. Once in a while hubby and I go up to Payson (near Flagstaff, AZ, a 2 hour drive) rent a cabin and walk in the woods.

Always smiling said...

What a beautiful place to walk and the smell of the pines must be wonderful, we have a Country Park which we drive to and walk around. Last weekend the reflection of the trees in the lake was wonderful..I came across your blog and it was so nice to sit with a cuppa and take 'five' and read your writings.