My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

July 31, 2008

Changes & Lazy Pets

I've decided to change my blog (again) because I am bored with it. I originally started this blog with posts about stitching and anything else I felt like writing about. Then I read a bunch of stitcher's comments around the web who said they liked "stitching only" blogs. I decided to make this blog stitching only and put everything else in a separate blog. After a while I've realized I don't enjoy maintaining a stitching only blog. I find I rarely have anything to post any more. I can't show exchange stitching until the person receives it. I don't enjoy photographing what I am working on after each stitching session to post a picture with a small amount of progress. I have so many things I want to do and so little time that I'd rather spend the time I'd use taking update pictures to do those other things. I'm on the wagon so I don't have stash hauls to show. All this makes for a neglected blog. I've decided to go back to posting stitching along with everything else non-stitching and using labels for navigation.

My only recent finish is a biscornu for a SBEBB exchange so I have no photos yet. The animals have been cute lately and I did manage to take a couple of cute photos of them. Usually they move just as the shutter clicks!

It's been hot and muggy with lots of thunderstorms here. I walked in the bedroom after work the other day and found Callie laying on the bed like this. She looks like I feel after walking home from work in the heat and humidity.

I was at the computer a few days ago and looked down to see Gus and AJ looking cute by my feet. Luckily I had the camera and was able to snap a photo. AJ isn't especially fond of the other cats but these two have always been best friends.


Petra said...

I love your furbabies, your cat is most adorable though laying on the bed...cute! I like your blog layout!

Shelleen said...

I like reading a blog that has a little bit of everything. We all get in stitching slumps but it is nice to see some kind of posting going on. I had a tortoise shell like your cat and she was one of the best cats we ever had. We had to put her to sleep 2 summers ago at the age of 18 and we still miss her today.

Jade said...

Cats are such sweethearts. They entertain you even while they sleep. So adorable!

XmaryX said...

I also like reading a blog that is a miscellany of the blogger's day- be it your cooking, pets, stitching, or bitching! Like you, some days (or more than "some" - sometimes!)I don't have time to stitch, or the time to take a photo of the little bit I have stitched. I think that it's interesting to find out that we are all different, yet very alike, all around the world, as least as far as our everyday lives and activities.
I love the new blog look!

Dawn said...

I enjoy reading other things than stitching. I have missed your entries about normal life things.

I love the pics of the furbabies!

Alison said...

Love the pics of your cats. I think your blog should be what YOU want it to be. After all, it's yours, right?

Barb said...

Love the pictutures of the cats. They knonw how to live in the heat. I like blogs with a little of everything too.

Carol said...

Hey - I sure don't mind if this is not a stitching only blog ;-)