My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

July 2, 2008

June Stitching

Early in June I decided to challenge myself to finish some of the many small and medium sized projects I have started but set aside for one reason or another. I managed to finish 4 of them so far. I'm planning a big finishing week at the end of August so for now they haven't even been ironed but I thought I would share pictures anyway.

This is the needlebook fob that goes with Just Nan's Hop tin.

And here is the top of the Hop tin.

Another Just Nan, this is Daffodil Run. I must have frogged those rabbits 6 times before I got them right. For some reason I kept making mistakes.

I just can't get a good photo of this. It's Bleu De Chine's Coeur Chat that I started about two years ago as part of a SAL. I've misplaced the labels from the fabric and floss but I know it was a Silkweaver fabric, either a solo or something with blueberry in the name. The varrigated floss was a Silk&Colors shade with Spring in the name. The greens and purples in the floss look terrible in this photo and make the piece look striped more than it actually looks in real life.


Janice said...

Those are beautiful finishes! I love the fabric and the floss!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Wow, great finishes I really love the little cats in the heart design. Good luck with the finishing week you have planned. CJ

Shelleen said...

they look awesome.