My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

February 22, 2008

Weather and Stitching

I can't think of anything better to describe my outlook today than Happy Bunny. I'd like to make this face too and just go back to bed!

After two weeks of rain, melting snow and the basement flooding 3 times we had a couple of dry days. Now it's snowing again and we're expecting 10 inches. Yuck! It isn't bad enough yet that I could call out from work. The worst part of the storm is going to hit late this afternoon and during the time I have to walk home. The last time this happened my co-workers made stupid comments about how much easier it must be to walk home than have to drive on the bad streets. Maybe they should try walking sometime. I'd prefer to deal with the slushy streets in a car over walking any day! It would be nice if one of them would offer to wait and give me a ride but I get out 30 minutes later than everyone else so by the time I leave they're long gone.

I did get a happy surprise yesterday in the mail. My Solo ornament kit arrived! I didn't fall off the wagon, my DH ordered this on December 4th last year as one of my Christmas gifts. Through a series of backorders, Canada Post, and unfortunate events for the poor shop owner it took this long to arrive. I love Solo, he reminds me of my Koko.

I finally decided what to do with JBW's French Country Cat. I made a banner and hung it from this little shelf I put near out desk to hold our cell phones while they charge. I'm pleased with how it turned out and how the red goes with the wallpaper in our dining room. I'm also pleased that Koko can't reach the shelf and knock the phones down any more.

On President's Day I stitched up this quick design from Brittercup. I went crazy and used my own colors for floss and fabric. I've had this gorgeous purple fabric from Sassy in my stash for a while and it was screaming at me to stitch something on it. This weekend I'll pull out the sewing machine and finish it.

I should get off the computer and get ready for work now. I'll end with a kitty picture. This is DH's spoiled princess Callie. I came home the other day to find her sleeping in the clean laundry. She's giving me such a dirty look because she knew I was going to make her move.


Leena said...

Oh I hope your weather won't be very terrible, it doesn't sound good...

The banner you made is so pretty, congratulations! The Brittercup cats are so cute and so is Callie of course :)

Dawn said...

Awww...Callie is beautiful!