My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

March 15, 2006

I have barely picked up a needle all week because I have such a queasy stomach from some flu like thing. Mike hasn't felt ill at all from his chemo which is amazing the doctors. I'm stuck with that awful feeling where you constantly feel nauseous but you never throw up and get it over with so you feel better. Here are the photos of last weeks finishes.

I stitched this at the hospital one day last week. A woman came over to take a look and chat and it turns out we live very close to each other. She dosen't stitch but she does have cats.

The evil UFO bunnies are finally finished after 2 years mostly stuffed in the UFO drawer.

This is a not so great photo of our new car that I took with a camera phone. It is so quiet and comfortable. Our old car rattled and sounded terrible. The dog could hear it blocks away and always knew when my DH was home from work. Yesterday when he broght the new car home she didn't notice him and was surprised when he walked in the door. It's actually used but in beautiful condition and they sprayed the new car smell in it so we can pretend it's brand new.

Hugs and thank you to everyone who wrote such kind comments to my last entry.


Shelleen said...

I am glad to hear that Mike hasn't been feeling ill but sorry to hear that you are.
love your finishes :-)

Rowyn said...

Love your finishes, and congrats on the new car!

Dawn said...

Wonderful finishes!

Stitch said...

Hi Chris! I'm new to your weblog and borrowed the Quotation a Day I'm a quote nut too!! Wonderful finishes and love your new car too! Thanks for all the neat stuff on your blog...:)

Have a great day!