My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

December 15, 2005

Silly Cat

Mama Gus and her daughter Gwynevere.

Last night at about 4AM I woke up to the sound of crinkly plastic. I have a couple of cats who will chew plastic bags so I thought I had better get up and investigate. I had left a big bag of polyester fiberfill out when I was making ornaments earlier in the evening. It is the size of a bed pillow and I had only cut an opening big enough to reach my hand in. I haven't used much so the bag is almost full. I could hear the sounds comimg from the direction of the bag so half asleep I made my way over to it in the dark and picked it up. The bag felt strangely heavy for fiberfill. I poked at the bag and felt a cat inside! DB's little Gwynevere had managed to get inside the bag and was now stuck. I reached in and grabbed her back hips and guided her tail end first out of the bag - just the thing you want to do at 4AM! This morning there was fiberfill everywhere.


bunnyhead said...

Cats are so funny. The things our cat does constantly amaze me. When our cat eats, she sticks her paw in the bowl and pulls the food to her mouth.

Carol said...

Hi Chris - Welcome to the Mirabilia SAL! It will be fun stitching with you! I just did Fairy Flora this year. She is so stunning. I was wondering whereabouts in MA you are - I am in Auburn, NH which is near Derry and Manchester :-)