My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

December 4, 2005

More Snow

I woke up this morning to snow which wasn't completely unexpected just a little earlier than expected. It was actually a relief to have snow instead of the strong cold winds that we had yesterday.

I've been working on Castle Sampler over the weekend but I feel like I am getting nowhere. I'm trying to finish the center castle which is my least favorite part to stitch. It looks gorgeous when it's done though. I'm stitching a little slower because I had an accident. Thursday night I hurt my thumb moving the sofa to look for a mouse the cats had hurt. I think it's just sprained but a co-worker things I should have and xray to make sure it isn't broken like hers was. It aches if I pick up anything heavier than a cookie but it isn't swollen or purple or anything. I think I am just going to continue to keep an eye on it for now but she has me a little nervous.

This afternoon DH worked a 5 hour shift for a co-worker and DB and I went to see Walk the Line. It was such a good movie and we both enjoyed it very much. I think DH would enjoy it even though he doesn't care for country music.

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