My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

December 7, 2005


It is so cold today and I can't seem to get warm. Yesterday it was supposed to snow but it didn't today there are flurries every so often and we have not climbed above freezing all day.

My thumb is worse because I keep hurting it more. We now know it isn't broken just sprained. I have a glove that's supposed to keep me from moving it but you would be surprised how many times the muscle in your thumb helps the rest of your hand. I have a new appreciation for opposable thumbs and I am sorry for finding the lectures about them in anthropology classes dull. At least I can still stitch but don't ask me to turn a doorknob or lift anything.

I'm stitching ornaments for my mom, a friend and DH's boss today. We decided to make up some small gift bags with a stitched ornament, home baked goodies, candy and hand knitted catnip mice for mom and the friend who both have spoiled cats. I'm going to make a few extras once these three are finished for those last minute unexpected gifts we always end up needing.

Today’s SBQ was suggested by Zohrah and is:

Have you done any charity stitching, been in one, or would like to organize one?

I have never done any charity stitching. I have donated stash to a church sale to help raise money though. If my church, my mom's church or a local charity I support decided to raise money with stitched items I might participate. I would feel more comfortable with that then sending something through the mail to someone I don't really know.

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bunnyhead said...

I know just what you mean about the cold. I have not been warm in about a week! I always have like 5 layers of clothing on and still feel frigid.