My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

November 30, 2005

Banner Happy Dance

Last night I finally finished this banner and I am so happy. It was one of those projects that I liked before I started it. I got it cheap on clearance and it was a cute design that didn't look hard. But once I started it I hated every stitch. There was so many scattered white and cream stitches on cream fabric. I know there are some missing inside the sign but I'm not going to figure out which ones stitch by stitch. There were also random white squares outlined in blue that were supposed to be snowflakes but I thought they looked bad and left them off. It's a gift so I have blurred out the name.

I also did some finishing on a little ornament and a pin cushion that I stitched some time ago. I was nervous about how well I would do with the pin cushion but it turned out ok. I tried to do some stitching earlier today but found a mistake and had to do a lot of ripping and re-stitching. I got irritated with it and finished a knitted cat blanket for one of the kitties. She has adopted a cardboard box that mom sent us some things in so I thought she might be more comfortable with a blanket for it.


Isabelle said...

Your banner is gorgeous, congratulations! Love your smaller finishes also.

And you Maine Coon is such a beauty! Wow!

Dawn said...

That banner is beautiful and so is the ornie.