My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

February 11, 2012

Movie Date

I did something very out of character yesterday.  I went to a movie with my DH.  I rarely go to movies because I prefer to watch them on DVD so I can stitch and not be interrupted by other people.  We didn't go to the obvious Star Wars 3D (He refuses because making it 3D means they messed with it.) or The Vow.  We went to One For The Money because we are both big fans of the books.

It was surprisingly good.  They stuck to the story very well which is the important thing to me.  There were about 10 other people in the theater for this matinee show and everyone laughed at the funny parts.  DH laughed the most as he does when we read the books.  He had a big loud laughing fit when Stephanie steals Morelli's car and he chases her. 

Our only criticism was the casting, similar to what I have read on other online reviews.  Ranger and Grandma Mazur were the worst.  He was just nothing like what I picture.  He talked too much and too normally.  Ranger is silent and very smooth.  Grandma was nothing like I picture her.  Morelli needed to be just a little bit more Italian. Everyone other than Connie could be a little more Jersey.  Everyone did a good job with their parts but better casting would have made a big difference.

This would have made an awesome series on HBO or Showtime rather than a movie.  Cast it a little better and break each book into 2 or 3 episodes and it would have had me adding a premium channel to our satellite. 

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