My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

January 10, 2009


On the SanMan board I was telling everyone how all the maple trees in our neighborhood are being cut down due to the infestation of Asian Longhorn beetles. For the past two days crews have been at our house and our immediate neighbors. Here are some photos. The quality is not so good because I used my phone and the windows are dirty from the snowstorms.

Our house photo from Google Maps taken in the summer of 2007. You can see that the tree at street level is dying from the beetles.

This used to be all the trees on the left side of the Google Maps photo. You can see the crane removing trees from the neighbor's yards.

This is where the 3 large trees on the right side of the Google Maps photo used to be. Hundreds of birds roosted there every night in the spring and summer. There were also trees in front of and behind the fence in the background. You can't really tell how big these stumps are from the photo. Each one is at least 3 feet wide.

A view down the street. The trucks are parked directly in front of our house. We were heading out to the sale at Thistle Needleworks in CT to get away from the noise and depressing sight of the trees being cut.

The view out my front window at my neighbor's bare yard. They will be back for the rest of her trees Monday. That is not a dirt road in front of our house. That is ice packed and mixed with wood chips.


Missy Ann said...

(((Chris))) That's just awful. Is the state making any plans to plant trees that aren't prone to infestation?

~Tammy said...

That is heartbreaking.