My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

November 15, 2008

Weekend Stitching and a Finish

Friday morning I went downstairs and had one of those moments when I wish I had a camera but didn't. Our yahoo neighbors have stacked a lot of junk on their back deck including one of those tall, expensive cat trees which is getting ruined by the rain. This morning when I looked out there were squirrels on it looking so cute.

I'm cooking again tonight because we are all bored with the same old things. Lately I've been trying new and different recipes which has been fun. I get so frustrated at our local grocery store when I try to find ingredients though. Tonight's chicken pot pie uses Campbell's condensed potato soup. Our store had what seemed like a dozen different versions of chicken noodle, each with a different character shaped noodle but not basic potato by Campbell's or any other brand. It's that way with a number of foods. The variety isn't the flavor of the food but what character it is. I finally found the soup at a store I don't care for but they had the red Whitman's tins I wanted so it was worth the trip.

For the Friday night SAT at Let's Stitch I worked on Woolly Tyme again. I completed all the stitching last night and did the finishing this morning. I don't have very many of his blankets left to stitch and then I'll have something different to display every month.

Today I worked on Sea to Shining Sea. The house and water are finished and I have all but a tiny bit of the greenery/vines done. All that's left is the palm tree, sun and the flowers on the vines. I got a bill from the ONS for the next part today so I'll be watching for it in my mailbox soon.

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