My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

February 7, 2008

SBQ: Other Crafts

This week’s SBQ was suggested by Kathryn and is:

Are there other crafts that you have tried and abandoned? Why do you like stitching better?

Since I can't sleep tonight I'll answer the SBQ while waiting for my DH to get home. The weather is absolutely awful tonight. It's raining hard, with thunder and lightning. It keeps alternating between rain and freezing rain and there's about an inch of slush on the ground. It's supposed to switch over to snow in the early morning and continue throughout tomorrow. My poor dog hates thunder and lightning and has been pacing and crying.

I've always like trying other crafts and I can think of several I've abandoned. One is scrapbooking. I just don't enjoy it. I'm not good at creating pretty page layouts. I get so stressed over how my pages don't look as nice as others that I don't enjoy myself.

Another craft that springs to mind is One Stroke Painting. It looked easy but it wasn't. It takes a lot of practice to learn the different strokes. I didn't enjoy spending and hour or so each day just practicing on pages you end up throwing away. I prefer stitching where the hours you put in are part of a finished project.

DH has made it home safely so I am going to close now and see if I can get some sleep. I hope all the New England stitchers are safe and warm tonight.

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