My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

December 30, 2007

A New Year Approaches

I've been sick this weekend and spent time looking at everyone's blogs when I felt too rotten to work on my Winter House Exchange. Everyone does such beautiful work and even though I felt too bad to write comments I have enjoyed looking at your blogs. I noticed people are starting to post year end reviews and goals for 2008.

Most of my stitching this year was for exchanges. Last February when Mike was in a coma and we didn't know how successful his cancer surgery had been I became very depressed. He's doing well now, but back then I couldn't stitch for a while even though it is one of my favorite things to do. When I started stitching again it was for exchanges. Reading blogs to get to know my partners and stitch something they would like kept my mind off my own troubles and made stitching fun again. I really appreciate the work that Becky and everyone who moderated her exchanges put in this past year.

As for goals, I've made a ridiculous list of things I would like to stitch in 2008. It's very long and would have been longer if I hadn't limited it to the things screaming at me the most. It should be fun to see how many of them I actually finish. I don't expect to get around to everything. I also put this list on my blog to remind me of how many things I already have when I feel the need to shop for more stash. I'm going to try and be good and not buy as much this year so we can save for a vacation. I don't know what the new year is going to bring for us so I'm not going to set a lot of goals other than spending less and having fun stitching without worrying how many things I finish. I look forward to new exchanges with the Hooked on Exchanging group and continuing to see what everyone is working on through your blogs. I hope the upcoming year is a good one for all of us.


Vonna said...

I wish you lots of good luck on your goals Chris :) It's sad that Becky's boards are closing, but I think that in time I'll enjoy stitching more for myself! I'll be back regularly to check on you :)

Meari said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. Good luck with your goals.