My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

March 8, 2007

A Finish

I finally managed to finish my LHN Acorns for the Friends Gather challenge. I didn't get it done in February since I started late and was so busy but that doesn't matter. I'm just happy that I've stitched it. I have some fabric with acorns on it that I plan to use when I decide how I want to do the finishing.

So much has happened since my last blog entry. They reccomended that Mike recover in a rehabilitation hospital and he refused. Will and I were very concerned about this. We were working on the house getting it ready for someone using a walker and putting up handrails on the stairs after we came home from work until 3 and 4 in the morning every night. We're still not finished with everything. Mike came home on March 1st and could barely get up the stairs and into the house with the help of Will and our neighbor. By the time the nurse visited the next morning he was all swollen up again and in a lot of pain so he wasn't really able to move off the sofa. The nurse sent him to the emergency room to be checked out and the on to the rehabilitation hospital for a couple of weeks. He ended up with a urinary infection that they are treating as well as helping him walk and move around. This is a relief to us because there is no way we could have taken care of him by ourselves. He isn't happy there though and seems depressed. Hopefully not liking it there will inspire him to work hard to get better so he can be released.


Katrina said...

Love your finish! I am so sorry Mike is having such a difficult time right now. You and your DH are wonderful people, what a huge responsibility you've taken on. Hope things improve quickly. Lots of hugs and prayers.

Shannon L. said...

Your stitching is beautiful !

I am keeping you and your DH and Mike in my thoughts. I hope his recovery goes smoothly. It is such alot for all of you to cope with. You and your DH are truly generous people.

claudia said...

Poor Mike. It is always such a comfort to recuperate where it's more comfortable and where people honestly care for you, but then it's not good when it's at your health's expense. Hopefully he will heal sooner and get to come home sooner than later! My best wishes for you all.

Heidi said...

Great work! Sorry about Mike. Its good he is in a rehabilitation center where he can be cared for properly until he can functionon his own again.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone that your stitching is very pretty.

Mike will recover quicker in the rehab hospital, even though he may not see that now. It would likely be longer recovery at home. They can work with him very intensely at the hospital.

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Chris, I'm so sorry for the suffering you and Mike are going through right now. I will put you on my prayer list.

Congratulations on a beautiful little finish in the midst of your trials.

Cathy said...

Your LHN/CC Acorns project looks great! Glad our little SAL helped to motivate you to finish it.

Prayers for Mike - hope things improve for him soon!

Dawn said...

Your stitching is great as always!

You all are in my thoughts and prayers. (hugs)

Lucy said...

Mike is definately where he should be. You and your hubby are really terrific caring people.