My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

March 19, 2007

Chessie's Houses

Since I can't show the stitching I have been doing on exchanges here is my progress on something I am working on for myself. Not very exciting so far is it?

Several years ago I fell in love with a series of designs from Chessie & Me called Chessie's House #1 - #6. They are cute little houses with cats or cat charms. I had a cat named Chessie for many years and I like little houses and have always wanted to stitch some.

I got the charts and put them in my "to stitch soon" folder and there they sat for several years. I kept intending to start them but never seemed to find the time. Finally when Becky re-opened Friends Gather I decided to ask if anyone was interested in a general house themed SAL to motivate myself to stitch them.

Ever since then I have made every attempt to work on this project and life just keeps me from doing so one way or another. I finally sat down to stitch this weekend and found that I can't go any further on that house without ordering some Weeks floss. I was even out of the DMC colors needed for the grass. This is hard to believe when you see how much floss I have in my stash. Oh well I guess I will "have" to do some shopping now. And we all hate to shop for stash right? LOL!


claudia said...

Yes shopping for stash is my least favorite thing of all...NOT!!! LOL

Cathy said...

I'm so glad that becky re-opened Friends Gather - it's motivated me to get some things done too! Can't wait to se more of your Chessie's houses!

Lucy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing those little houses.