My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

June 15, 2006

They may be small but I finally have some happy dances I can share pictures of. This first one is a bunny I stitched to go in this small frame I found at a second hand shop. I collect glass and ceramic bunnies and loved the frame. The bunny is from one of those small kits you find at Walmart or Michael's with the little oval plastic frame.

This next design is a card kit from an old UK magazine I won on ebay recently. My husband loves dolphins so I stitched this for him.

My husband also loves everything Japanese and would love to travel there someday. I stitched this Japan heart from Victoria Sampler for him. I love these hearts and hope to get the ones for the contries I have visited.


Shelleen said...

congrats on the finishes. no matter how small they are still finished :-)

Stitch said...

Oh what lovely finishes!! Congrats!! :) I love the Japanese culture too..and the food..YUM! :) That's right tho..finishes are finishes..:)

Have a good day!

X Stitch X