My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

March 11, 2006

Cat Meme - Six Cat Things

Mama Gus

1. My favorite thing to do is play paper ball.
2. I pretend to hate the other cats, especially my offspring but I have been caught playing and mothering them.
3. I like to taunt human Mike. When he wants to hold or pet me I come up just out of his reach and then dart away. It is so much fun!
4. I like to pull myself along the carpet on my belly using my front claws and acting fierce.
5. I love the dog. I will groom her and rub my face along her face and purr.
6. I love to run outside and nibble the grass! But the humans are mean and won't let me. I used to go outside in Arizona and I don't understand why I can't go out here in Massachustts. I have perfected hiding underneath the dog and running out with her.


1. I love to sleep on the pillows with my humans. Sometimes I even groom Will because he needs it.
2. I like to fight with my adopted sister Abby. Early in the morning while Will and Chris are asleep is a great time to get exercise fighting.
3. When I am happy I like to sing. It starts out as a purr but then I get musical.
4. I am a great mouser even though my bad first owners removed my claws.
5. I love cheese pizza. Cheese is wonderful. Give me cheese!
6. I love to play with the little discs that come with Bionicles. Will likes to build them and he shoots the little discs so I can catch them.


1. I like to come downstairs and sit on the table near Will when he is working on the computer. This is a new thing for me. I used to be afraid to come downstairs.
2. I like to be scratched. Long fur gets really itchy.
3. I like to battle electric cords and inspect any new item that comes into the bedroom and battle it if necessary. If I am not sure about something I hit it as hard as I can with my front paws just to keep everyone safe.
4. I like to fight with my adopted sister Callie. We don't hurt each other but we like to practice our fighting skills.
5. I like to sleep on the big pillow. Callie likes the big pillow too so I have to be fast to get to it first. I also like to sit on fabric.
6. I like to stare down the dog. It is especially fun to sit in her bed and stare at her. She is afraid of me and my razor sharp claws and whines and won't walk past me. I am all powerful over the dog!


1. I like to chase my tail. I am really too old for such kittenish behavior and the humans laugh at me so I tend to do this in the basement.
2. I like to sleep on the sofa where Chris sits or on Will's desk chair.
3. I don't like to be picked up or held but I love to wind around your feet and ankles, especially when you are working in the kitchen.
4. I like to be with Mama Gus. We spent a lot of time grooming each other.
5. I like the dog's blanket. Whenever the dog is upstairs I take over her blanket downstairs.
6. I adore the water the humans drain out of the tuna. I can't understand why they would not want this heavenly tasting stuff.


1. I love people and want their constant attention. I love to be held by them or sit on them. I love all the other animals in the house even the ones that don't love me. I just love everybody.
2. I love to watch the leaf. The leaf is stuck in the screen outside the living room window and it moves with the wind. I can watch the leaf for hours it is so fascinating.
3. I love the basket of toys. I play with them the most so that makes them mine all mine!
4. I love to chase Gwynny and hear her fuss.
5. I love to run through the house at top speed. I hear the humans use the word rampaging when I do this but I don't understand what that means.
6. I love to go out to the mud room or in the guest bathroom when the humans open the door. I have learned to be very quick and run in these places before they can stop me. It drives me nuts that there are places I can't go whenever I want. I need to keep on top of what is in these rooms and inspect them, can't the humans understand that?

Since Mike doesn't blog we decided to let his cats add to our meme.


1. I love being the alpha male. The ladies all growl at me when I sneak in to eat from their dish but I don't care. I love to sneak their food.
2. I love to smurgle humans. If they scratch and pet me I get even sillier.
3. I love to turn on the heat when it gets cold. I go to the white metal thing that runs around the base of the room and scratch it and then it gets warm and I stretch out as long as I can next to it. I do this all by myself. Chris is not doing anything at that box on the wall, she just thinks she is turning on the heat.
4. I love to chase Gwynny and hear her fuss.
5. I love to run through the house. I hear the humans using the word stampede. I am not that big and I do not make noise like a herd of cattle!
6. I love to trick Mike. I pretend my dish is empty and it makes him walk to the basement to see. I make sure he gets his exercise. I am a personal trainer!


1. I love to sit on Mike's lap. I am the smallest and cutest and he like me best not Nikki.
2. I love to sneak over on top of Will's computer monitor or Chris' laptop. I am always cold and these computers are so nice and warm. I get fussed at for it though.
3. I adore hot wings. They are just my size too. I can snatch one and run under the table or bed with it out of the human's reach. Hot sauce is the best especially when it is on chicken!
4. I like to slap my brother Nikki on the head. He thinks that he is better because he is bigger than me but I can keep him in line.
5. I like to snuggle up with my mom Mama Gus. Mom like me better than Nikki.
6. I love to sit in the sun in the window and keep tabs on everything going on outside.


Nela said...

excuse that bothers to you, I see that you have 6 cats, a dog and a ratita, since beams, they are not fought, so that single I have a cat, and a bird, and the cat lives pending on the cage of the bird?

Dawn said...

Aw, they are all adorable!