My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

January 10, 2006

Back to Work

DH finally went back to work yesterday after 3 weeks off. It wasn't bad until the last few days when we started to get on each other's nerves. I had to work yesterday after taking a week off as well so today is my first day home alone so I can get some housework done without tripping over anyone but the cats.

Sunday we went to NH and I took this picture at Hampton Beach. I love the colors of the sky and the snow on the beach. I don't know why it has all the foggy looking stuff, it might have been fog or it might have just been a funny reflection from the flash. It was starting to get dark and we did see fog a little later in the evening. We stopped by Yankee Cross Stitch but I am being good and did not buy a lot. They had a copy of the chart for Lanarte's Girl With Cat which I have been told is out of print so I got it so I don't have to find it on ebay later. I also needed some white 32ct fabric for the ornament SAL on one of my Yahoo groups. I was happy when the first white I pulled out of the small cuts basket was the opalescent white the pattern calls for. And it is big enough for two ornaments.

DH bought me XM satellite radio for my birthday later this month but gave it to me early. We can move it from the house to the car and I just love it. There are no commercials and now I have music again. I used to love to listen to the radio but when we moved to this house we are on the side of a hill in a dead spot. The free radio stations around here are all commercials anyway.


Stitch said...

Oh Cool Chris! Welcome to the XM network!! Happy Birthday early as well! Hehe....what a lovely pic..I wish we had some snow down here..but's 60! Bah humbug! :p

Have a great day!

Carol said...

Hi Chris - What a great shot of Hampton Beach :-) I was at Yankee on Wednesday and felt so disappointed - there never really seems to be anything new there anymore. So sad... I wish I knew you wanted Girl with Cat! I am about half done with it, and I always give my charts away when I am done! I would have been happy to have given it to you :-)