My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

December 11, 2005

The snow has ended and we have about 18 inches. We shoveled about 4 inches off the stairs two separate times Friday morning but when I left the house 3 hours later there was another 8 to 10 inches and I had to clear a little path to the street and then climb through knee high snow to get into the building. Almost all the staff called out and the management was not happy. At least the snow was so bad we didn't have many customers so it was an easy night. AJ is not a happy dog. The snow in the yard is up to her belly and she does not enjoy going out. We took her for a walk on the plowed street tonight because she was so restless from staying inside.

I bought myself a little Ott light on saletoday. I love it so much. I can see to stitch on the opalescent fabric I'm using for a Christmas ornament. DH was talking about getting a big one with the magnifying glass that we can both use for crafts. While I was at Joanne's I found this kit of Dimensions Gold Christmas Kitty ornaments on sale for %60 off.

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bunnyhead said...

OMG, that is a lot of snow. It's been years since my neck of the woods has had a 18" snowfall like that. Look at your poor DH out there shoveling! I'd have called into work too. No way I'd go out in that!