My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

December 30, 2005


December Goals

1. Finish Your Were Hatched. - DONE
2. Finish one animal from Feed the Hungry. - Not even touched :(
3. Try to get halfway through the remaining portion of the center castle in Castle Sampler. Almost, hope to get there Saturday.
4. Finish one small kit from my stash. - Not even started,
5. Continue working on ornaments and holiday stitching on Mondays. Finish Vermillion ornament. - Done, the Vermillion ornament is not finished but I did finish some others.
6. Finish gridding and start Kimono Kitty. - Done
7. Work on alpaca shawl. - Done

January Goals

1. Work on an animal from Feed the Hungry.
2. Get on the Wagon.
3. Start Fairy Flora for SAL.
4. Attempt to finish center castle in Castle Sampler.
5. Finish Vermillion ornament and one other ornament.
6. Work on alpaca shawl and try to get it finished while it's still cold. LOL!
7. Work on The Seasons for SAL.

2006 Goals

1. Finish Castle Sampler.
2. Finish Spring Has Sprung in time to hang it up for spring.
3. Finish all the animals from Feed the Hungry
4. Stitch on my WIPs and participate in various SALs and just have fun with them.
5. Stay on the Wagon.
6. Choose and start something for our 10th anniversary so that is can be finished in time.

As you can see I am not going to set a lot of goals to finish projects. There are 3 projects I really want to finish and all the rest I just plan to enjoy stitching without worrying about goals. I get too worried about goals sometimes and get too stressed to enjoy myself. Since I stitch to relax and have fun I am not going to get stressed over it.


Carol said...

Awesome goals for 2006 - I am looking forward to watching your progress!

Happy New Year!

rose_michelle said...

Good for you. I too made goals list, but since I work full-time, go to school for my master's part time and am an officer's wife all the time, I made an annual goal list.