My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

November 18, 2005

Shopping Day

Today has been another non-stitching day but it has been a buying day. I have a UFO that just makes me sick to think about it. I nagged DH for the kit for my birthday and then spent too much on Silkweaver hand-dyed fabric to replace the aida. It was the most beautiful swirly dark purple linen but between it being 36ct and the dark color I can't see the threads and it gives me fits to work on it. Here I had spent close to $80 and it was in the UFO pile. I discussed it with DH and decided to switch to a 28ct hand-dyed lugana that I can see. It shouldn't be that much bigger so I'm hoping if I am very careful I will have enough floss. This was shopping order #1.

Speaking of Silkweaver the FOTM came today and it's pink. I have so much pink I need some other colors. It's beautiful and I love pink but I really need some yellows, greys or light browns.

Since I finished my November goals (except for the ducks which are on hold) I decided to kit up TW's You Were Hatched because I have a great piece of fabric for it. That's when I noticed I need Dinky Dyes floss and a metalic I don't have so I placed an order online for it. And that was shopping order #2.

Now I'm getting ready for work and I notice a paper sticking out from under the laptop where I had written down the address of White Willow Stitching that I noticed on someone's page. I'm killing time before heading out to work so I decided to look and of course I found something to buy. And they were having a sale so I went ahead and ordered it. This kitty girl is just perfect to stitch for my DH who loves everything anime and cute. This was order #3 for the day and now I had better get off the computer and get to work to pay for all of this.

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Sew-in-Love said...

I have a UFO that makes me cringe too......

Come and see my blog too sometime.