My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

November 1, 2005

November Goals

We ended up having a little more than a dozen kids ring our doorbell last night for treats. We saw more on the street but they must have been told not to go to strangers houses. Around 3pm I heard noise outside the house and saw 3 DPW trucks outside my house. They turned off the water and set up a work zone down the street. I had just started a load of laundry and had to stop the machine halfway through the cycle. Around 8pm the water came back on but it was full of dirt and rust so we had to run it until it was clear. I was worried the dirty water would get into the washer and stain my pretty new pink and white sheets. I found a fabulous bargain on a set of $80 sheets for $12. I would never be able to afford them at full price so I have been keeping the cats off them. I finished the load of laundry with no trouble just in time for the water to be turned off again for another few hours and then we had to clear the lines all over again. We were told the street collapsed and broke the water main. They have been working on it all day but luckily we have had water.

I got all of the kitty stitched from the Britty Christmas Kitty ornament except for her heart tag. I should be able to finish the tree next week. I'm just not that excited about most of the ornaments in the JCS magazine this year but I do love this one and the Vermillion kitty and pup. Many of the ornaments this year have an antique look. I prefer bright colors for Christmas.

November Goals

1. Finish one kit from my stash each month and start a new one. My kit drawer is so full I can't close it.

2. Finish Britty Kitty and at least one more ornament or Christmas peice.

3. Finish Lanarte cat.

4. Finish the section of Castle Sampler I am working on and move on to the next one.

5. Finish the dog blanket I am crocheting.

6. Try to finish Ginny Thompson ducks.

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