My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

January 3, 2013

Happy 2013

Like many people I follow on blogs and facebook I have hopes that the new year will be much better than 2012. 

I put the first stitches in Outrageous Owls (above) by Glendon Place just after midnight on January 1st.  I was so excited to get started on this I forgot to open the champagne.  I'm stitching this one with Anchor floss which meant I had to drag out the big envelope of floss and get it wound on bobbins.  I'm stitchin it on Fairy Dust Lugana instead of blue so it goes with the blanket and sheets I got at Kohl's.

It is so cold today.  It's so hard to get my butt off the rocker and do anything when it is this cold.  I am annoyed at my work.  Operating hours changed midweek this week and the managers were too lazy to revise the schedule.  So those of us who work in the evening get our hours cut and end up working 2 and 3 hour shifts instead of 6.  I have no desire to get dressed up and go out to work for only 3 hours.  For now I'm going to stitch and catch up on my soaps.  After that I need to work on some of the decluttering around the house that I have promised myself to work on each day. 

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