My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

May 7, 2012

Big May WIPocolypse Update

I am really not sure I like this new blogger layout.  I guess if I blogged more I would see the advantages.

Anyway today I wanted to start writing about the things I stitched over the past month for the WIPocolypse update.  I always seem to end up posting late and not being able to think of much to say.  The first project is this Victoria Plum design by Lanarte.  I saw this on ebay and thought that looks like it goes with another one I knew I had bought.  To my  happy surprise I already had this one with the bunny too.  I was on a "bunny" and "Easter" kick so I started it right away.  It wasn't too bad to stitch and everything went fairly smoothly.  I have no idea how I want to finish it.  I have a matching one with the same girl and a squirrel so I will probably stitch that one first before deciding what to do with them.

Next I bit the bullet and finished Warm Winter Woolens.  I was so happy when I bought this.  One of my favorite designers LHN and it had a cute animal.  I decided to use delicate teal fabric instead of brown/tan/natural which is not my favorite.  It turned out well although if I had a bigger supply of Crescent Colors or a nearby LNS I might have switched out the green.  This was not a fun stitch.  I had massive problems with knotting floss despite using Thread Heaven and short lengths of floss.  I don't think it was a problem with the Crescent Colors brand of floss because this has happened on various projects with all different brands of floss.  I wonder if there isn't some other issue like humidity that is the cause.  I got frustrated and made mistakes and was just generally happy to put the last stitch in this one.  I still love it now that it's done though.

I but another bullet and picked up Christmas Kisses.  This is a cover kit from a UK magazine by one of my favorite designers Margaret Sherry.  It's stitched on 18 count aida so that it can fit into a card.  The aida and floss are not good quality and are difficult to work with.  The small size is part of the problem.  It turned out cute but it was not fun to stitch.

Finally I started Once In a Blue Moon by Just Nan.  I'm using Victoria Clayton hand dyed silk and a light blue evenweave I found in my stash.  I love stitching with silk.  After all the knotted and tangled floss of recent projects this silk slips through the fabric like a dream.  It's also nice to work some specialty stitches instead of just cross stitch.  I've finished all but the beads and treasures.

I did not stitch this wedding sampler that I am told was by Imaginating.  My mom bought a box of stitching stuff at a church rummage sale and this was included.  It had the bride's name but no groom.  I picked her name out and added mine and my husband's. 

I'm now working on a small Bucilla kit that I started last summer called Nature Patchwork.  I have also dragged Teresa Wentzler's Castle Sampler out from the UFO pile.  It's one of my big UFO's I want to work on this year along with Frederick the Literate.   

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