My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

May 2, 2011

5th Day UFO

I have decided to see if I can finish 5th Day by Crossed Wing this summer. When I pulled it out a couple of weeks ago I was stuck in the middle of a robin's egg blue egg stitched over one on the bottom border. It was so difficult to see where I had stitched with blue floss on blue fabric. I managed to finish it and go on to the next egg in the row. Then it rained or was cloudy for days and too dark to stitch over one.

It's the over one that keeps me from finishing this project. I can do it but it is not my favorite. I also have found mistakes. I've decided to leave the mistakes if possible and just forge ahead. I decided last night to go ahead and finish the border and leave spaces for the items that touch it. In some spaces where that is a large area I am putting in a grid to help know where the items go. Once I finish the border I might put in a grid to place the remaining birds I need to stitch. I think if I can pick it up and choose whether to stitch an easy bird or spend some time doing over one stitching I will actually want to work on this more.

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