My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

January 27, 2011

Vacation Over

Since I am getting dressed for work tonight I suppose I have to admit that my vacation is now officially over. :(

I was supposed to spend 10 days in Vegas but that got canceled and I ended up in Tucson for a week. It was nice but not the vacation I had planned for almost a year. Tucson was sunny and warm but still recovering from the shock of the tragic shooting event. It was still on the news constantly and there was live coverage of Gabrielle being taken to the plane that would fly her to Houston.

I did more shopping than stitching. I managed to finish 1/4 of Frederick the Literate which had become a UFO in my pile. I also did a little work on the border of Raccoon's Visit. I had planned to start Needle and Thread by LHN but never got around to it.

At night when the light wasn't good for stitching I worked on a crochet hat which I finished. Mine is dark grey and does not have a flower. I'm going to wear it when I walk home tonight.

I managed to finish 3 books during my vacation. I read Divine Appointments for Blogging For Books. I also finished my two selections for the January challenge at the cozy mystery group at Goodreads. I'm still plugging through Half Price Homicide by Elaine Viets on my Nook but I'm not enjoying it despite loving the series.

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