My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

It's Halloween and I have the day off to stitch, bake and do things around the house. This morning I used the kitty kit mom sent me to make our pumpkin. It's really cute and I didn't have to scoop out any seeds you just poke the pieces into the pumpkin. I just finished baking apple crisp and the house smells wonderful. Later tonight we are going to have a Dark Shadows marathon and eat pizza. We decided not to give out candy this year. The only kids in our neighborhood don't deserve treats after all the trouble and vandalism they have caused this year.

I am happy to hear that the two exchanges I mailed have made it to their destinations. The pumpkins were for Karen, my partner in the SBEBB Pumpkin Patch exchange and the floss tag was for Margaret at Hooked on Exchanging.

I woke up aroune 3AM this morning after having the oddest dream that involved stitching. I can't remember ever dreaming about stitching before. In the dream a co-worker found a pattern we both wanted but there was only one copy. It had several designs for towels in it all on separate loose sheets of paper. She said she was going to give me one of them if I let her buy it but didn't so I was upset with her. The funny thing is that this co-worker doesn't stitch or do anything crafty in real life. In my dream she was making several different towels.

I can't decide what I want to work on today. The things in my basket are calling me to start something new today. We'll see...

I forgot I wanted to post this funny picture of Callie. The frame was in the dollar stuff at Target. The more I tried to get a cute picture of her the more she made this snotty face. DH loves it, she's his spoiled baby girl.


Julie said...

I really like your Halloween display and the kitty picture frame is just adorable!

Lennu said...

Your Halloween decorations are beautiful, what a cute kitty pumpkin! I just love pumpkins, your exchange is wonderful, as is the floss tag too.

Your cat frame is so funny with that lovely photo, it's perfect for the frame :)