My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

September 3, 2008

A Gift and a Cranky Cat

Right now I am stitching an exchange so I have no stitching photos. I did post a progress photo of The Gorse Fairy which you can see by clicking on the Flower Fairies link below my blog title. I set up a special blog for this one since it's so big and going to take so long. I might be done within the next 5 years LOL! I realized last night that it's almost time to pull out another big project Castle Sampler. It's a UFO that I don't like to work on for long periods of time so I started stitching on it every week during Survivor. The new season starts this month and I've had a nice break from this piece so I'm looking forward to working on it again. My friend Mike and I have a Thursday night tradition of watching Survivor together.

Last year when we went to Las Vegas I brought one of my co-workers a small gift. I never expected anything in return but this week he surprised me with this great monkey from his trip to New York.

Look at this cranky cat! I found her sleeping in the clean laundry and she did not appreciate being disturbed. You can see I tried turning the baskets upside down to keep the cats out but it didn't stop her.

Today I don't have to work and I hope to do some sewing once Will leaves for work. I like to sew at the table behind his computer desk which is impossible while he is home.

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