My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

August 16, 2008


A few of the movies have been guessed and I added a hint to the remaining quotes. I'll add more hints in a day or so if they still are not guessed.

I've been playing with my camera today. I wish I were as talented as on of my managers at work. We wanted to photograph a product to advertise it and she quickly pulled together a table, a plant from the hallway, a display box and the product and made something that looks better than our advertising department. I'd love to have that knack for arranging things to look so nice. Someone (Vonna maybe?) has been taking the most beautiful pictures of her stitching next to plants from her garden. I decided to try it and here are my results.

First is the beautiful biscornu Carol stitched for me and the goodies she sent along with it. The design is Quaker Season Biscornu by Brightneedle - Private Reserve Design stitched with GAST. The handles of the scissors are marbled in autumn colors that compliment the biscornu.

After I finished assembling the biscornu I stitched for my partner in the exchange I pulled out this one and finished it for myself. It's Just Nan's Daffodil Run stitched on a scrap of Silkweaver fabric I got in a grab bag. Isn't it pretty? You would never know I had to pick those rabbits out 3 times before I got them in the right place.

I also pulled this out and attached the treasures this afternoon while watching the Olympics. It a Sue Lentz design called Midnight Forrest from one of the JCS Ornament issues. I made several changes to the original design though. I did not use blending filament in the trees and used a cardinal treasure instead of one of the rabbits. I'm not going to finish it as an ornament because it's too large for our small tree. I plan to find some fabric that goes with it and make a small wall hanging.

The boys were interested in the camera. It's the first time I've tried to take pictures of them since the day we brought them home and they were too terrified to pay attention. As usual James is right up front looking for treats.

Sirius, who is usually the timid one, decided the camera strap was something he wanted!


Shelleen said...

your exchanges are really nice and I like those scissors and your finishes

Lennu said...

Beautiful photos, you've done great job with your camera! I like the biscornus a lot, they are gorgeous.