My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

March 19, 2008

Witch Finish

I finally finished this witch I found on the DMC website (you have to join the DMC Club to see the free charts). I made a couple of changes. I didn't like the border so I left it off and I changed the color of her hair from orange to brown and made her top and leggings white and purple instead of metallic red and purple. I haven't decided what to do with her now that she's stitched. I have a bunch of wall hangings for Halloween so maybe a pillow?


Dawn said...

She looks great!

Vonna said...

That's so cute =)

Julianne said...


That's the cutest witch I've ever seen. I just love the curly tipped shoes.

Shelleen said...

aww I love it. I am a Halloween freak and this is a cute witch :-)

Mel said...

so cute! halloween patterns are some of my favorite. I think she'd make a great pillow.