My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

January 5, 2008

Yesterday's Stitching

Yesterday I finally finished what I was stitching for the Winter House exchange. Now I just need to do the finishing and mail it off.

Last night I started the January blanket for Woolly Tyme. I changed the color of the snow and snowmen to a lighter shade. The tan & ecru they used to look rustic reminded me of the dirty snow with all the sand and salt in it on our street. I'm also thinking about changing the color of the house. It's already blue but I'm thinking of making it match the blue of our house which is a little lighter.

I had both the January and February charts and fabric for this project in a plastic box in the living room. DH managed to dump a glass of water on the box. It didn't soak everything so he thought he would be sneaky and just dry everything out without telling me. The February fabric is ruined. I'm going to try washing it first to see what happens but I am afraid I...wait make that he will have to replace it.

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