My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

January 13, 2008

A Finish and a Bad Cat

This is Woolly's January blanket finally finished. It was one of those projects that should have been quick and easy. Unfortunately between my husband spilling water on the fabric and my mistakes that had to be picked out it turned into a chore instead of a fun stitch. But it's finally done and I can cross it off the list and work on something else. Maybe someday I'll get a new piece of fabric and stitch a better one.

When I went to get the photo off the camera I found this on the card.

This is my husband's very naughty spoiled cat Callie sitting on the dining room table where she is not allowed. DH must have taken this photo to show me that she was protecting my gloves and magazine from the other cats. As you can see I have all my sewing things out. I swear there is something about clean fabric that magnetically attracts cats.


Shelleen said...

cute finish. I had a tortoise shell cat like that and she lived to be 18 years old. She was the best cat we ever had and seeing the pic of yours brought a smile to my face.

Leena said...

Your finish is beautiful, congratulations! It's always so wonderful to finish something when you've had extra trouble in stitching or finishing.

What a cute photo of Callie!

claudia said...

I love Wooley's blanket, it is cute.
Your cats are not allowed in certain places??? How do you do that? My cats look at me as though I am crazy when I tell them no, and they just do what they want anyway. I do keep trying to remove them, but it could be deemed as a full time job!

~Tammy said...

Wooley's Blanket is very cute.

Cute kitty. Just a wee bit bad, but that sometimes adds to the cute quotient!