My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

January 2, 2008

Christmas Gifts

Some gifts from my DH finally arrived in my mailbox this morning. The two blackwork kits arrived in time for Christmas but the Little Wishes chart and floss has been stuck somewhere in the US postal system for weeks. There is still one Solo the Cat kit and more floss that hasn't arrived but they're on backorder.

DH is sweet but he hates to shop for gifts so I never get surprised. He usually gives me an amount to spend and tells me just to order whatever I want. Today I told him I want a surprise for my birthday. He started to protest but I was firm. I've decided to go on The Wagon this year so any stash will come from gifts which I would like to be surprises. I've set up a special wish list for him to shop from and told him no matter what he chooses from the list I will love so it should not be stressful for him. This should be fun seeing what he chooses.

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~Tammy said...

Nice gifts you picked out from your DH.

I think your wish list is an awesome idea. I'm sure once your DH gets going with the idea he'll have some fun with it.