My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

November 11, 2007

Thanksgiving Rush

Last Wednesday we got the confirmation that Mike has a new but very small tumor that will need to be removed. On Thursday I got a phone call at work from Mike letting me know the doctor and hospital had called and scheduled his surgery for Tuesday, Nov. 20th. Earlier Mike had said he wouldn't have surgery over Thanksgiving so we were expecting it to be the following week. Mike seems to think because this is outpatient surgery he will be fine and ready to eat turkey 2 days later. Will and I are remembering the time he had this same surgery and a few days later was back in the hospital fighting a huge infection. We were both worried and upset.

On Friday while I was at work I decided to move our Thanksgiving celebration up to next Saturday, 3 days before his surgery. Everyone has the day off, Mike will still feel good and enjoy the meal and there will be no stress. We can even invite friends and co-workers to drop by and they won't have family obligations to work around. Yesterday Will and I went shopping and found almost everything we need. All that's left are the fresh vegetables and bread that Will plans to pick up at the farm stand and bakery on Friday. Once I let go of the idea that we had to celebrate on the actual holiday it was like a big monkey jumped off my back and I feel much happier.

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