My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

July 31, 2007

We finally found out what happened on our street. I've seen the gang and have been cutting through the parking lot at work to avoid them. Here is a small portion of the newspaper article about it.

WORCESTER— The Brooks Street area has been watched closely for the past month since a group of people representing themselves as a gang began causing problems in the vicinity, police said.

One result of the increased police presence was the arrest of a group of people early Friday morning and the recovery of several knives and a chain. The chain had a lock attached to an end link.

Police Detective Captain Edward J. McGinn Jr., head of the detective bureau, believes police stopped a fight that was about to occur between the so-called gang and another group.

“They appeared to be ready to fight another group,” Capt. McGinn said, noting some of them were armed with weapons. “I’m convinced we stopped a serious assault or worse.”

The neighborhood, he said, “was a quiet area until this.”


Barbara said...

So glad that you've got some idea of what's going on - and more glad that your police force is taking pro-active action rather than waiting for trouble to erupt!

Meari said...

WOW! That's scary.