My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

May 4, 2007

Where has time gone?

It's May already and the last time I wrote something on my blog was April 14th??? Where has the time gone to? I can tell you I have not been doing much stitching. My Papillion sampler that I finished in February is framed now and hanging in my dining room. Yay! And I stitched the April blanket for my Woolly Tyme sheep which I should take a photo of and share soon. Of course now it's a new month and I need to stitch the May blanket.

On April 15th we woke to find almost 2 feet of water in our basement from the relentless rain that pounded the east coast for days. It covered the pilot light in our hot water heater so we went for 2 days without heat or hot water. Of course that was the week Will was working double shifts all week and it left me with all the work. Several plastic bins we store things in fell over and water soaked the contents. We are still drying things out and doing a major clean-up going through everything and getting rid of clutter we have collected for years.

Once the basement was under control we started back to work on our DIY projects upstairs. We painted our bedroom a pretty sage green and bought a new rug. It looks so nice and bright now. We've also been working on the kitchen for months it seems and we are almost done. All that is left is the floor and we have been pulling up all the old tile to put down new. When we pull up the tiles there's a sticky black glue left on the floor. It's funny watching the cats try to walk through the kitchen and avoid the sticky parts. They can manage to walk on the thinnest strips of old tile.

Mike is scheduled to come home from rehab next Thursday. We are rushing to get the house clean and all the rooms accessible for someone using a walker. Hopefully we will have everything done this weekend. I'm going to take 5 days off from work to stay with him when he first gets home and I am looking forward to spending some of it watching movies with him and stitching.


Vonna said...

Mike must have made loads of progress! Good for him. And what a good friend you and your DH are for taking care of him. It is my sincere hope that you get 5 days of doing nothing but sitting on your bum, stitching and watching movies :)

Dawn said...

Sorry to hear about your basement! I hope all goes well on your 5 days off:)

claudia said...

Wow, loads of stuff going on. Too bad about the basement flooding. It's no fun cleaning up after something like that. It's good to hear Mike is coming home. I bet he is so excited to be there! He will feel a LOT better now!

Cathy said...

What a bummer to have so much water in your basement!

Glad to hear that your friend is doing better and will be coming home soon!