My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

April 12, 2007

I am so far behind with my blogging right now. I'm going to try and catch up over the next few days. The past week has been so hectic. Last Wednesday (4/4) we had snow and sleet all day. Two people I work with had car accidents and I fell while getting out of the car and smashed my hand in the door. None of us were hurt badly but one girl's car is totaled. I had pulled a muscle in my back and had two very bruised and swollen fingers so I took last Thursday off. I spent the day on the sofa with heat on my back and stitched this Bent Creek bunny while watching movies.

We spent Easter at the hospital with Mike. He was still on a restricted diet so we couldn't bring him any candy or treats. I took the purple bunny Shelleen sent me to brighten up his room and he loved it. He had been coughing throughout the night so they did some chest x-rays that day. He had a collapsed lung and more fluid which they drained and that fixed his lung. Last night they were finally able to release him from the regular hospital and move him to a rehab hospital.

My square border finally has the beginings of a house and cat in it. I stitched this last Saturday and hope to work on it some more tonight after get our taxes finished. I have federal finished but I still need to fill out the state forms. I refuse to spend $85 on Turbo Tax this year which is more than the amount of our refund.

Tomorrow I'll try and post pictures of the two exchanges I have received from Cathy and Yuko. Both are absolutely gorgeous.


Vonna said...

Yikes...sounds like last week wasn't the best! Sorry to hear about your back muscle and fingers...hope they are all better now!
I'm glad to hear the update on Mike...maybe he's on the mend? I'll keep my fingers
crossed :) Can't wait to see your exchanges!

Isabelle said...

Lovely stitching, Chris. Hope you two are better real soon.

claudia said...

I am so sorry to hear about the accidents and your boo-boos! Get better SOON!{{{HUGS}}} I hope the move to the rehab hospital makes Mike's rehabilitation go as fast as is safe for him. Will he be more comfortable there? (Home, I'm sure, would be the most comfortable) More prayers for all of you!

tkdchick said...

Your bunny is so cute.

mrsfroggie1970 said...

Sorry you had such a bad week but congratulations on filling in your "down time" with something useful like that bunny!