My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

February 13, 2007

Update on Mike

Mike has decided to have the surgery and went for the pre-admissions physical and consultation this morning. He will be admitted to the hospital on Thursday.

Thank you so much for your prayers and good wishes. I know they are working. Two days ago it seemed impossible for Will and I to get the time off from work we needed to be with Mike. Suddenly out of the blue people we work with have needed to switch shifts for their own personal reasons and it's working out perfectly for us to have the time off we need.

Everything should be all set for Thursday now as long as we don't get too much snow. Will and I got married in a blizzard on Valentine's day. Every year since it has snowed on Valentine's day or we have piles of snow on the ground from snowstorms a few days priror to our anniversary. It looks like our biggest storm so far this year will be starting right around midnight tonight - right on cue for our 10th anniversary.


Sue said...

So glad people are able to help you out so YOU can help out Mike. Hope all goes well on Thursday.

Vonna said...

Still keeping my fingers crossed for a positive outcome for Mike...we're praying :)

Happy Anniversary in the blizzard!

Katrina said...

Isn't it a blessing when things work out better than you could have planned? Lots of good thoughts and prayers for Mike.

Happy Anniversary!

Heidi said...

I am glad Mike is having the surgery, thats great news.

Happy 10th anniversary! :o)

rose_michelle said...

Happy anniversary! Glad everything is working out with Mike. You are all in my prayers.

claudia said...

Happy Anniversary!

Things happen for a reason...all those times that had to be re-arranged happened because a higher power knew what you needed. Youa re such good people to help out your friend like this!
All my best thoughts and prayers for you all!

Name: Vicki said...

Isn't it wonderful when God works things out for you!? I will continue to pray for all of you! Happy anniversary!