My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

February 22, 2007

This morning I was good and didn't keep hitting the snooze button so I had an extra half hour before I had to head out to work. I had just got settled on the couch and picked up LHN Acorns when the electricity went out. My workplace is at the end of my street and they didn't have power either until a little while after I arrived. Tonight if all goes well I plan to park myself on the couch tonight and finish this piece while I watch Survivor for the Friends Gather LHN challenge. I fell in love with this design when I saw it on Becky's blog and I have enjoyed working on it. It should be a good night to stitch during Survivor because I think it's the gross food challenge which I don't like to watch too closely LOL!

I'm also working on an Easter exchange piece for the USEBB. I like this one too because it has to have a bunny in it and I like bunnies. I'm always buying charts with bunnies and cats and I have more of them than I will ever stitch.

Mike seems to be doing ok. He is still stable and they had him breathing without the assistance of the ventilator and were going to give him a feeding tube. I'm going to go to the hospital tomorrow and see him since I have the day off. He is still sedated and I will be so happy when he is finally awake and we can talk to him again.


claudia said...

I am glad to hear Mike is doing okay. It's sounds like he is progressing slowly, but surely. I will still keep you all in my prayers though for a speedy recovery and strength for you and your husband.

Name: Vicki said...

I'm glad Mike is progressing and that you can have some time to relax and stitch! All of you are still on my prayer list! Take care of yourself!

Lucy said...

Mike is still in my prayers...hopefully he will just keep making some progress. Enjoy your stitching tonight...I'll be doing the same.

Sue said...

Glad Mike is stable, I'm still praying for him.