My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

January 28, 2007

TBR Challenge

I decided to join the TBR Challenge where each person chooses 12 books to be read during 2007. They are accepting members until January 31st.

My 12 Books

1. The Chocolate Mouse Trap by Joanna Carl
2. Dispatches From the Edge by Anderson Cooper
3. Prayer by Philip Yancey
4. Sour Puss by Rita Mae Brown
5. Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger
6. Be My Valentine by Debbie Macomber
7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling
8. Woodlands by Robin Jones Gunn
9. Motor Mouth by Janet Evanovich
10. Worth More Dead by Ann Rule
11. Forever in Blue by Ann Brashares
12. A Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan

I have a lot more that I plan to read this year but I chose these 12 because they are a good mix of differnt types of books I enjoy. This is not necessarily the order I plan to read them in. I am reading The Chocolate Mouse Trap now for January. And when Harry Potter is realeased my friend Will and I will be at B&N at midnight with all the kids even if we have to take the night off work. All other books will be pushed aside until we finish Harry.


Vonna said...

Love your blog's pretty:)
Good book choices...I've read a few myself :)

Katrina said...

Your blog looks great! I just went over and signed up for the book challenge, now to get my list done :-).

rose_michelle said...

Sounds like fun. Unfortuately I have made so many comitments already ... I hope you will keep us informed of your progress and maybe what you thought of the n=book. Maybe it will inspire some of us to read the books on your list. Can't wait ...