My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

February 7, 2006


This is the Vermillion ornament from the 2005 JCS magazine that I started back in December. I finally finished it on January 30th. It's supposed to have a gold metalic circle around the outside edge but I didn't like the way it looked.

This is one of my rescued ladies who is "helping" me with the pillow project my mom sent me for my birthday. It is impossible to have fleece fabric in our house without a cat on it. They just love fleece.

Here is Abby with the finished pillow. She is such a little ham. I did not pose her she climbed up on the bed by herself while I was taking photos. I think she was probably more interested in the sunbeam on the bed than being in a picture though. This is the kitty that sat with me for the first time in my previous post.

And here is one more with both Koko and Abby and the pillow. Koko is a Himalayan and Siamese mix. I wish I could get a photo that shows his blue eyes but they always show up as gold or red from the flash. He is the baby of the family and always getting into trouble.


Isabelle said...

Oh wow!! Your cats are gorgeous, Chris! You lucky lady :) Abby is soo pretty, but so is Koko too! My Violette is half Siamese as well :)

Your Vermillion is very cute :)

Sylvie said...

I love your cats, they are gorgeous! Make me think about mine :)