My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

November 14, 2005

Weekend Update

The weekend started with a pop not a bang. Friday afternoon I had the house to myself and was happily stitching and watching tv. I decided to look through my binder of Just Nan charts. All I did was reach up and take it down from the shelf when something poped in my back. It's a fairly heavy binder but not *that* heavy. DH claims it doesn't matter how heavy it was because someone in his office threw out their back picking up an empty cardboard box. I was in terrible pain and facing a 6 hour shift at work. I took a painkiller, sat with the heating pad, took a warm bath and then took another painkiller just before leaving for work. That was a big mistake because it made me nauseous. Saturday it was better but I was still very nauseous and thought work would never end. There is some kind of 24 hour flu-like thing going around at work and I think I had it too. Today I have no flu-like symptoms and I can just barely feel an ache in my back without taking any medication.

Friday night I was so close to finishing my cat that I didn't want to switch to Castle Sampler on Saturday. I'm glad I did because I was making mistakes on the easy TW borders so I know I would have made big mistakes on the cat. I'm enjoying working on the castle now even though I had to rip out a few spots.

Sunday afternoon I decided to brave A.C. Moore for Darice beads. They didn't have them and I wasn't in the mood to drive to the next town to look at Michael's so my ornament is going to have white pearl beads which look more like icicles to me anyway. I also picked up some white Monaco, some small gift bags for those unexpected work echange gifts and a cute kit to make a penguin. The other day I was irritated that I didn't have any white evenweave fabric but now that I have it I don't remember what I was thinking about stitching on it. Three days on painkillers ruins the memory. :)

After A.C. Moore we decided to go to Walmart for fabric and a frame. Big mistake. We politely said excuse me to a woman who was blocking the picture frame isle and she had a fit and said in a really bitchy voice "Well excuse me I'm living." Why do people feel the need to be so rude? She's "living" so none of the rest of us can walk past her? I ended up not getting a frame for Autumn Lady because I didn't want to be anywhere near her. I can't afford to have her professionaly framed yet but I would have liked to hang her up temporarily for Thanksgiving. Walking through Walmart with my back throbbing was terrible. I was holding the carriage for support and everyone kept barreling into us and expecting us to get out of their way. There was a line of ladies in fabric complaining that they had called for someone to help them twice but nobody had arrived. We ended up leaving and only buying rabbit food. Then to make the day complete we got home to find the washing machine was broken. It won't spin the water out of the clothes. I have a load of soaking wet towels that I am trying to dry one or two at a time. This happened several years ago and DH confirmed that the same part has broken again.

Despite not getting any fabric I am going to finish some things today. I'm going to dig in my trunk and see if I can't find something that will work. I also plan to start the cardinal ornament from JCS. I'll upload some pictures later tonight.


siouxsiesweets said...

thanks for the comment on my blog, im sorry you had such a bad weekend, some people are just plain nasty, hope your week gets better, take care

bunnyhead said...

Wow! You certainly have had a run of bad luck. My back has 'popped' three times. Each time the excruciated pain lasted about 3 weeks and required painkillers, muscle relaxers and steroids to allieviate. I am just waiting for that next pop to happen. And your DH is right, you don't have to be lifting anything heavy. One time it happened when I turned my head a certain way! Your britty kitty is so cute.

Nancy in IL said...

Chris, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Thanks also for adding my blog to your list. I'm doing the same with yours. I LOVE your Lanarte Cat. I'll have to eee if I can find that on eBay. I'm also impressed with you tackling TW's The Castle. I've never attempted any of her designs. Too intimidating for me! Can't wait to see your new pix later on. Sorry about your back. I've done the same and couldn't even remember how I did it! Take it easy now, and I'll be visiting your blog again soon.

Vicki said...

Hi, I'm another stitcher (and NaNo-er) just passing through!

Hope you feel better soon!


Dawn said...

The kitty is so cute! Are you sure you weren't at my Wal-mart? LOL That sounds like a trip that would happen to me.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. :)